The Ministry Center

"Sharing the love of Jesus Christ by providing hope, healing, and temporary shelter to those who need a helping hand in Wayne County."

Front Elevation

The Ministry Center will be a 20,000 sq ft facility providing temporary shelter, counseling rooms, recreation space, outdoor patio, and more. 


Site Plan

The Ministry Center will be located on 5 acres of land adjacent to the Turning Point Worship Center main auditorium.


What Will The Ministry Center Provide?

We all know that some times life can throw everything at you, but the kitchen sink, and then here comes the kitchen sink too. Some times this happens because of our poor choices, but some times this happens to us because of reasons and circumstances beyond our control. Either way, we have been called and commanded to love our neighbor. Jesus did not command us to love our neighbor if it was beyond their control. He simply gave us the charge to love our neighbor. 

A Place of Shelter.

Our community currently does not have a shelter for those needing temporary housing, nor do we have a community emergency shelter in times of storms such as hurricanes or winter weather such as we recently experienced right here in our community of Wayne County. The Ministry Center would provide temporary shelter and assistance to those trying to get back up on their feet again. Resources such as counseling and job training will be made available to those during their brief stay at The Ministry Center. The Ministry Center would also be an emergency shelter for our community during times of storms. This would allows those who may not be able to evacuate during times of storms the ability to have a place of shelter. Our goal is to partner with the American Red Cross to help provide needed assistance and man power during times of emergency. 

A Place of Healing.

Inside The Ministry Center will be offices made available to professional, licensed counselors. This space will be made available free to the counselors as they provide hope and healing to those staying at The Ministry Center who are attempting to rebuild their life, and get back up on their feet again. Because we believe that the love of Jesus is what truly gives us all the ability to reach our God-given potential, Christian curriculum and programs will also be made available.